"Sing Another Love Song" Performed by Christel Guarnieri. Sensitive lyrics by Marsha Moore.
"Don't Like No Parties" Considered to be one of the greatest songs ever written. Or maybe not.
"Substitute" Inspired vocal by Nigel Urry. Featuring the house band of Reni Perez on guitar and drums by Dow.

"Playing Hard To Get" Pop single that we recorded and produced for Dow's teenage niece Dara, who wrote and sang it!
"Yakkers" An ode to cel phone abuse. (Not for sensitive ears!)

BREAKING NEWS! Nigel Urry has been spotted again, this time apparently lost in Africa! Click for rare audio recording!! Sound FX by Pluk.

H.U.S.K (Heaven Usually Sends Kisses) Arranged and produced this song wrtten by our friend Don de Lemos Emilio.

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